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5 Easy Escort SEO Marketing Tips by Industry's Experts

SEO is the most effective technique to drive massive organic traffic to the website and according to the industry’s expert, there is a thin line difference between escort SEO and normal SEO. If you want to see your escort website on the first page of leading search engine then it is advisable to hire a Professional Escort SEO Company. However, in this blog, we are sharing five effective SEO tips, which are described by industry’s expert.

1. Content- In the mid-90s Microsoft’s founder, Bill Gates stated a famous quote, “content is king”. Now don’t need to describe the importance of content is digital marketing.  This is the first and foremost thing which you should never forget when you doing SEO for escort website. The more content on the website, greater the chance of better ranking on the search engine result page. A website with great content not only proves effective for SEO but also makes the website stand out from the crowd. Famous blogger Neil Patel says that a great content on the website not only makes SEO worthwhile but also enhance the conversion rate up to 60%. So when you are writing content for escort website then make sure that your content is arousing, engaging, original and well researched.
2. Page Title, description and formatting-  When search engines crawl the entire page then they read the page title, description and formatting. By crawling these three, search engines understand what the page is all about and then index the page for ranking. According to the famous blogger and founder of digital marketing pro-Alex Chris, “ A unique title and punchy description prove productive for SEO”. So make sure that title and description of the page are unique and description of the page is not exceeded than 150 characters.
Formatting- Whether it is text or image on the website, don’t throw all content on the page and format the page properly. Use visible size font, split the content in a small paragraph and highlight the important section of the page with bold and italics. If an image, make sure that it is optimised properly and should not affect the loading time of the website. Small sizes images with alt tag help search engine to understand the image better. Use CDN ( content delivery network ) in the case of too many images.
3. The structure of the URL- When it comes to URL structure of the escort website, then it split into permanent links and breadcrumb navigation.
Permanent links- The Permanent link is the unique URL of the website. According to the owner of a professional Escort SEO Marketing Company, Bill Hartzer, it is better to  Keep the length of the URL less than 255 characters and use a hyphen to separate the different parts.
Breadcrumb Navigation-  A breadcrumb navigation is essential for all web pages. It enables users to navigate the website in a structured way.    
4. Internal linking-  Use internal linking wisely to boost visibility and ranking of the website. It is the process of linking one webpage to another webpage on the same website. It is the white hat and saves SEO technique to drive massive organic traffic to the website. According to the famous link builder and owner of back links, Brain Dean, “Internal linking not only proves effective to the reduce bounce rate of the website but also proves helpful to boost the ranking of the website.”

Tips to use the internal link on the website:

  • Don’t use a keyword for internal linking.
  • Internal linking should be relevant, which can satisfy search engine as well as users.
  • Don’t use anchor text for linking.
  • Don’t use more than 15 internal links per page.

5. The speed of the website and mobile- Research says that if a website takes more than three seconds to load then visitors leave the site immediately and move to another website. So for good SEO practice, it is imperative to improve the loading time of the website. Remove unnecessary plugins, themes and picture from the website to enhance the speed of the website.  
Mobile-  Evolution of handy devices like smartphones and tablets has changed the landscape of internet browsing. According to the research and statistics, it is found that more than 60% people browse the internet on smartphone and tablet. So in this scenario, if the website is not device friendly then you are losing half of the potential traffic. In brief, first of all, make your website is mobile friendly and lessen loading time of the website to improve SEO and to boost the ranking of the website on leading search engine.  
Wrapping It Up-  According to industry’s experts, there is not a very big difference between normal SEO and escort SEO. However, you have to consider following points when you are doing SEO for escort website.

    • Don’t exchange low quality links.
    • Stay away from Black Hat SEO techniques.
    • Update your website frequently.

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